Everyone loves a good pattern.

You are really missing out.
And that’s what Patternizer does best.


With Patternizer, it’s easy to make something amazing in just a few minutes. It takes all the work out of creating complicated patterns, letting you focus on creativity and play. Patterns can be saved and shared with anyone, allowing for collaboration and remixing. And you can access them from any device* worldwide.

*not yet touch-friendly—I’m working on it.


While you’re designing, you’re also developing! Patternizer generates code that can be used with patternizer.js to create these patterns on any <canvas> element. See the Demos & Documentation for details.

Patternizer patterns don’t use any images and only require a single tiny script. In many cases patternizer will be smaller than an image-based solution (if it’s even possible with an image!). Attach patternizer.js once and create as many patterns as you want across your entire site.

Who is Patternizer?

Patternizer is maintained by 2 people:

Matthew Lein—most of the things you can see, touch, and play with. @matthewlein
Dave Johnson—most of the things you can’t see, but are still very important.